Fox News Posts INCREDIBLY Misleading Tweet Defending Sessions And People Are Losing Their Minds (TWEETS)

There’s no lengths lying conservative media won’t go to in order to try and defend their golden boy, Trump, and anyone around him. Take Jeff Sessions, for example. Sessions was just caught lying under oath about contact with Russian officials during the campaign, and conservatives are desperate to figure out how to defend him. Take the following tweet by the origin of “fake news,” Fox:


That’s right — conservatives are trying to say that since Democrats have talked to Russians before, there’s no wrongdoing here.

Except that awkward part where none of the pictured Democrats lied under oath about it.

Except that SUPER awkward part where Democrats weren’t part of a presidential campaign that benefited from, if not colluded with, Russian hacking and attempts to derail our 2016 electoral process.

Users on Twitter are calling Fox “News” out for this incredibly misleading bullsh*t:









Conservative media is working hard to create an alternate reality. It’s up to all of us not to let them.

Featured image via Zach Gibson/Getty Images