Dem Congressman HUMILIATES Trump With One Glorious Tweet; PROVES Absolute Stupidity (IMAGE)

It’s one thing to call a person stupid, it’s another to prove it, and that’s exactly what Rep. Mark Takano (D-CA) just did to Donald Trump in one simple tweet.

You see, Takano is a former British literature teacher, knows a thing or two about the English language and can spellcheck you in real time. That’s bad news for a guy like Trump who often takes to Twitter in anger-fueled rants and doesn’t take the time to proofread his tweets, or even let spellcheck do it for him.

In Trump’s latest grouping of tweets, he really, really messed up. In fact, following a tweet that said, “We must fix our education system,” he tweeted “I hear by demand…” and then, ” I hearby demand… ” and then finally, “I hereby demand.”

Check it out:

via Twitter

Not letting the moment escape him, Takano pointed out the irony of the spelling errors following a tweet about fixing our education system.

Takano tweeted:

“The moment when one tweet is proof of the other tweet.”

In other words, Trump just got called out on his inability to spell and was kinda sorta called stupid.

Now, did a Trump staffer tweet out this mess? Maybe. Undoubtedly, Trump won’t say it was him because, according to him, he’s seemingly never wrong.

Nevertheless, Takano’s tweet is absolutely hilarious. Well played.

Featured Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images