Chuck Schumer RESPONDS To Trump With Tweet Of His Own About Putin And It’s F*cking Glorious

There’s nothing sadder than when a person uses the “I’m rubber and you’re glue” defense except when it is used by the *President of the United States in an effort to deflect and divert attention from himself and his own administration.

Earlier in the day, Donald Trump thought it’d be a wise move to post this image he found in the depths of right-wing media to try and make it seem like Democrats are also guilty of speaking to Russia. Did you catch that “also” — which means this pic definitely¬†implicates himself, Sessions, and the whole gang.

Keep in mind, it’s perfectly acceptable for a United States Senator to meet with the leader of another nation. However, it isn’t okay to lie under oath about meetings with another nation like Attorney General Jeff Sessions did. Trump doesn’t seem to be aware of this fact just yet.

Well, not letting the moment escape him, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) wasn’t about to let Trump try to throw him under the bus. In fact, he responded with some tweets of his own.

He said:

“Happily talk re: my contact w Mr. Putin & his associates, took place in ’03 in full view of press & public under oath. Would you &your team?”

BAM!¬†Let’s see if Trump responds. Probably not. That would mean he takes the Russian story seriously, which he has said time and time again is “fake news.”

The best part is the Schumer’s next tweet:

Ha! Already a million times more transparent that Trump and his administration. Well played, Schumer!

Featured Photo by T.J. Kirkpatrick, Alex Wong/Getty Images