BREAKING: Republican House Intel Chair THREATENS The Press After Asking About Russia (VIDEO)

There is something going on right now within our government that is very, very concerning. With evidence stacking up against Donald Trump and his administration regarding connections to Russia, the Republican party seems to be defending him. Part of that defense seems to be a direct threat agains the press for having the audacity to use their First Amendment right to hold the *president accountable and tell the whole story.

During a press conference with House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes (R-CA), instead of answering questions about Russia, he turned the questions on their head and told the press that if they are found trying to seek answers from the Russian embassy that they will be the ones investigated.

In an effort to deflect, Nunes said:

“I’m sure some of you are in contact with the Russian embassy, so be careful what you ask for here, because if we start getting transcripts of any of you or other Americans talking to the press — do you want us to conduct an investigation on you or other Americans because you were talking to the Russian embassy. I just think we need to be careful.”

What the hell is happening? The press will be investigated for trying to report the story? How about investigate Donald Trump and his administration. How about hold him accountable for his many actions. How about demanding to see his tax returns so we can see his financial ties for the safety and security of the nation. How about instead of threatening reporters, you put party politics aside and work for the American people as you were elected to do.

Wow. Just, wow.

This isn’t okay AT ALL.

Watch here:

Featured Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images