‘Hundreds’ Donated To Planned Parenthood In Right-Wing Pastor’s Name And It’s Driving Him INSANE (VIDEO)

People have figured out a way to troll a right-wing pastor who incessantly rails against transgender Americans, Planned Parenthood, and pretty much anything else that doesn’t fit into his pathetic, bigoted world view and help the women’s health organization at the same time…and it’s driving him bananas. Recently, far-Right hate pastor Greg Locke posted an allcaps message on his Facebook timeline:


And boy is he “lit!” Locke explains that he received the “thank you” letter from his favorite “baby parts” boogeyman after an an undisclosed amount was donated in his honor by a woman named Krista Ginsberg in Houston, Texas.

“At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how big or how small it was, it was a waste of your money and the stamp was a waste of your money,” Locke raves in the video. “Don’t ever send me anymore nonsense from Planned Parenthood.”

“There has never been an organization in the world that has killed more innocent people other than radical Islam than that of Planned Parenthood,” Locke lied. Naturally, he did not cite a source for the claim. “Look, I’m just gonna say it whether you like it or not — Planned Parenthood does not give one flip of a wooden nickel about women’s healthcare. It’s a bunch of deceptive individuals that are in it for the money that have been known to sell baby parts on the black market and they have done nothing but butcher innocent lives for years.”

It’s safe to assume that Locke was referencing abortion there, which is only three percent of the total services Planned Parenthood provides women. The organization absolutely has not “been known” outside of certain circles of people who can barely operate a fork without adult supervision to sell “baby parts on the black market.” Previously, the organization accepted reimbursements to cover the costs of preparing and shipping donated fetal tissue, but it has since stopped accepting the reimbursements because of liars and zealots like Locke.

“As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care if I ever get another piece of literature from you guys again because you’re just wasting your money to send me this nonsense,” Locke says, adding that “Pastor Greg Locke has absolutely positively tee-totally nothing to  do with Planned Parenthood.”

“Y’all can keep butchering babies, I’m gonna keep speaking the truth,” he concludes after throwing the nice thank you letter in the garbage.

Apparently, some awesome people decided to get together and go to Planned Parenthood’s donation page, where they filled out the form and made a donation — of course carefully checking the “2060 Old Lebanon Dirt Rd in Mt. Juliet, TN…zip code 37122) so Planned Parenthood knew where to send their thanks.

…not that we’re encouraging you to do it or anything.

…You should totally do it.

Within a week of his initial posting, Locke complained about all the love he is getting from enthusiastic supporters of women’s healthcare. Apparently, there have been “HUNDREDS OF DONATIONS” in his name.

Not only is this a win for Planned Parenthood, but the look on Locke’s face in the video is worth every cent that is donated.

Watch Locke’s unhinged ravings below:

Featured image via screengrab