Whoopi SHREDS Betsy DeVos’ Ignorance Of Public Schools And It’s GLORIOUS (VIDEO)

It can be said that having Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary isn’t only a dumb idea, it’s an absolute nightmare for public schools.

In addition, DeVos, much like Donald Trump, should probably stay off Twitter if she’s going to try to at all be taken seriously.

Not only did the Education Department tweet out W.E.B. Du Bois’ name incorrectly and leave it up, as seen here:

But then DeVos herself asks this idiotic question:

Which for most people, including Whoopi Goldberg of The View, was enough to put them over the edge.

Like most people aware of public school teachers, Whoopi laid into DeVos about that idiotic pencil question. Because if DeVos knew anything about public schools, she would know that public school teachers go into their own pockets and pay for school supplies for their students on their own.

Whoopi also sent a message to DeVos saying that if she really cared about aiding the education of this nation and had an actual interest in making it better, she would use some of her own money (you know, the money she used to buy her the Secretary position) and get schools and teachers the funding they deserve.

Watch here:

Featured image via video screen capture