The Internet Rips Trump Adviser’s Face Off After Saying Sean Spicer Is Always ‘100 Percent Correct’

Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller told ABC’s This Week host George Stephanopoulos on Sunday that White House press secretary Sean Spicer is always “100 percent correct.” That’s kind of weird since he literally fabricated a terrorist attack several times in order to defend Trump’s Muslim ban. There is nothing Spicer won’t lie about to defend the alleged president.

Stephanopoulos said that Spicer mentioned “from the podium” that “the decision by Nordstrom to pull those products of Ivanka Trump was a direct attack on the president’s policies” after the retailer pulled her clothing line due to poor sales.

The ABC host noted that Sears and K-Mart decided this week to pull Trump’s home furnishing lines from their websites.

“Is that a direct attack on the president’s policies, as well?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“I’m not going make a comment on that. I don’t have any information on it,” Miller said. “I do want to say that Sean Spicer, as always, is 100 percent correct and that what he said is true and important. And I agree with it.”

He just said he has no knowledge of what happened but that Sean Spicer was correct. Welcome to the alternative-facts of the Trump administration.

“You had a case where somebody was treated unfairly. The president stuck up for a member of his family,” Miller continued. “And the White House counselor made a light-hearted, flippant comment that nobody would interpret as being what has been cast as right now by you and the media and others.”

The “flippant comment” Miller is referring to belongs to Kellyanne Conway in which she hawked Ivanka Trump’s clothing line on the air while sitting in the briefing room.


He also made a baseless claim about voter fraud which has been thoroughly debunked.

Miller is trending on Twitter and he’s being mocked over this crazy-time comments.

Trump liked Miller’s fact-free interview, because of course.

Is there one member of the Trump administration that doesn’t have his or her head up their ass?

Image via screen capture with added tweet.