Jason Chaffetz Runs Away Like A Coward After Americans MASSACRE Him At Town Hall (VIDEO)

Things got very uncomfortable for Jason Chaffetz as he attended a town hall in Utah Thursday night.

Chaffetz, the lead Hillary Clinton Benghazi witch hunter who is currently ignoring the actions of the Trump administration — particularly with regard to The Donald’s Yemen raid, which killed 30  civilians (including an American girl) and left a Navy SEAL dead — found himself met with a chorus of boos from his capacity audience at Brighton High School in a Salt Lake suburb, especially when he mentioned the name of the orange buffoon in the White House.

Boy, was it a sh*tshow! The Huffington Post reports:

The House Oversight Committee chairman was challenged on Donald Trump’s threat to eliminate Obamacare, his vow to slash support for women’s health by cutting Planned Parenthood funds, a push to sell public lands and the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as education secretary. At one point, Chaffetz promised the voters that they would be “happy with the bill to abolish the Department of Education.” The crowd was not amused.

Thousands of others who were not allowed in the auditorium because of police concerns about crowd control remained outside brandishing protest signs and chanting, “Chaffetz is a coward!” KUTV Channel 2 reported, and “Do your job!” and “Your last term!”

One young girl asked Chaffetz what he was was going to do to protect the environment. “Do you believe in science? Because I do,” she said to loud cheers.

“I don’t pretend to have all the answers,” he responded. “There are good people on both sides of the aisle,” he added to resounding boos.

To add to his humiliation, a teacher stood up and humiliated Chaffetz, likening the Trump administration to her students and demanding to know where Chaffets draws his “line in the sand” with regard to the Trump family’s conflicts of interest. His answer was shameful:

“Everyone has to comply with the law,” Chaffetz responded. “You’re really not going to like this part,” again to boos. “The president, under the law, is exempt from the conflict-of-interest laws.”

This is just a sampling what he found himself dealing with inside:

And outside:

Chaffetz turned tail and fled 40 minutes before his town hall was scheduled to end. Many, of course, noticed that while Hillary Clinton could handle 11 hours of Chaffetz’s ridiculous Benghazi witch hunt, he couldn’t hack being confronted by voters for the length of one town hall:

This is exactly what we need to see every time any Republican makes a public appearance. It is time they learned that most of America wholeheartedly rejects their poison, and that we are not going to take it any more!

Featured image via Daily Herald