Dianne Feinstein: Trump Is ‘Splitting’ The United States Apart

Senator Dianne Feinstein went on Fox News this Sunday and ripped President Trump a new one.

Pointing out the rank hypocrisy over Trump’s executive actions and how Republicans treated President Obama, Feinstein called on the president to unite the country. Instead of uniting, Feinstein said, he’s splitting it apart even more:

You’ve got people in the streets here. This president has not brought this nation together. He says he’s working for his base. Well, there are a majority of people who are outside of that base. My best advice has been, and I was able to say this to him directly, ‘Please Mr. President, you have to bring this country together.’ What he’s doing is splitting it apart.

Currently, the majority of the United States has an unfavorable view of Trump, who set a record for quickest descent into net negative approval ratings over 50 percent. In contrast, it took President Obama almost 1,000 days to reach that point. Trump did it in eight.

Feinstein also blasted Trump for his immigration ban, telling Chris Wallace that he is “not a dictator” and that the Supreme Court will ultimately decide if his executive action is unconstitutional.

Similarly, the majority of Americans are sharply disapproving of his immigration executive order, and his handling of terrorism, national security, and immigrant, all key tenets to his 2016 campaign.

The most shocking statistic comes from Public Policy Polling, which found 40 percent of the American public wants to impeach President Trump. That number is up 5 points from a similar question asked just a week ago. In comparison, it took 16 months after Watergate for the American public to reach that number in support of Nixon’s resignation. Trump’s done it in two weeks.

Not surprisingly, 88-92 percent of Republicans support of the job President Trump is doing. Only 7-10 percent of Democrats believe so. And every major poll has shown independent voters to be sharply divided, with all polls tilting negative.

Senator Feinstein is right: President Trump is splitting this country apart all to appease the small minority who voted for him. All his promises of being the president who bridges the two Americas has completely fallen flat.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images