Chrissy Teigan Shoving Trump’s Words Back In His Face Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today (TWEET)

If you haven’t noticed by now, some people have some very strong opinions about Donald Trump. So much so, that when Uber CEO Travis Kalanick felt the pressure of thousands and thousands dropping their Uber accounts because of his association with Trump, he backed out the Trump’s business advisory council.

Then, after Trump insisted on banning Muslims from this country because apparently he believes all Muslims are evil, people rose up all across the country. And then when his ban was shot down by a federal judge and denied a stay, it just went to prove that all those opposed to Trump are absolutely correct.

Trump didn’t take ANY of this rejection very well. In fact, he keeps going to his Twitter to tell us how “evil” people are pouring into the country (they’re not), and went so far as to angry tweet this:

And seeing as most people see Trump as evil, most people responded to this by asking him to leave if he truly feels that way.

However, there was one response that was simply the best. It’s hilarious on multiple levels, and the reason why I included the Uber link above. In response to Trump’s “evil” tweet, model Chrissy Teigan tweets in reply:

“What time should we call your Uber?”


Well played, Teigan. Well played indeed!

Featured Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images