In Shocking Interview, Donald Trump Admitted That Killing Political Enemies Is No Big Deal (VIDEO)

It’s tough these days to keep track of exactly how many shadow governments are propping up Donald Trump. Steve Bannon is the de facto President. Mike Pence is reportedly the puppet master behind all the LGBT hate and anti-abortion positions. But let’s not forget that the ultimate Trump puppet master isn’t even an American, it’s Russian President Vladimir Putin and on an edition of The O’Reilly Factor that will appear on Super Bowl Sunday, Trump refused to say anything bad about Putin at all.

Bill O’Reilly is rarely the voice of reason, but this is a time of such absurdity that even Glenn Beck is warning us of the insanity of Trump. Still, compared to Trump, O’Reilly is downright sane. Even he recognized the dangers of having Putin’s hand up the you know what of the person who’s supposed to be the leader of the Western World.

In the interview, Trump was asked about Putin. He’s still trying to claim that he never met the Russian leader, despite that being widely debunked. He once said that he met with Putin in Russia and the man “could not have been nicer.” When O’Reilly talked about Putin, though, Trump played dumb:

“I do respect him, I respect a lot of people,” Trump says in a clip of the interview released Saturday. “That doesn’t mean I’m going to get along with him.”

Trump goes on to say that if Russia aids the U.S. in the fight against ISIS, “then that’s a good thing.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter

When asked about the fact that Putin is a killer, Trump merely shrugged it off and said that the United States isn’t so innocent.

O’Reilly, host of Factor, retorts with about Putin, “he’s a killer, though. Putin’s a killer.”

“There are a lot of killers. We got a lot of killers,” Trump says. “What, you think our country is so innocent?”

Here’s the video:

It’s becoming increasingly more clear every day that Donald Trump absolutely loathes the United States. No, our country is certainly not innocent, but we don’t have recent evidence of any of our presidents poisoning those who disagree with him. (The worst similar thing, that we know of, is the outing of a CIA agent who disagreed with Dick Cheney and the weapons of mass destruction claim). It’s definitely not too early to rule that possibility out when it comes to Trump, though. The way he lashes out at anyone who dares say anything against him is straight from the playbook of a third rate dictator and Trump’s puppet master Putin is far from just third rate. Watch for Trump to be following in Putin’s footsteps and with tacit approval of killing political enemies, it’s apparent that nothing is off limits for this new administration. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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