Democrats Already Looking To Impeach Trump Over Immigration Ban

It appears that the Democratic Party has grown a spine. After 8 years of Republicans threatening to impeach President Obama over his executive actions the tables have now been turned on President Trump.

After ordering an unconstitutional, poorly thought out ban on immigrants and refugees from 7 majority-Muslim countries provoked a firing from acting Attorney General Sally Yates, House Democrats have issued a warning to the president: he could be impeached.

Rep. Joaquín Castro of Texas, whose brother served as Housing and Urban Development Secretary under Obama, has called on his colleagues to launch an investigation and possible articles of impeachment. The charge? Ignoring a federal judge’s emergency stay of the order, and directing U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents to continue the process of deportation and interrogation.

Castro is calling for an investigation to see whether or President Trump deliberately himself or knew of ordering agents to defy the court order. The Congressman also slammed Trump’s “military junta,” saying:

There should be a resolution of censure. And if he does it again, there should be articles of impeachment. There’s no longer any checks and balances. You’re basically living in a military junta.

A spokesperson for the CBP denied that Trump and the Administration were defying the judge’s orders. However, numerous reports surfaced out of the nation’s largest airports that despite the stay, refugees and other foreigners were being illegally detained and sent back to where they came form.

Should an investigation be launched – which would be unlikely thanks to partisan-political hack Jason Chaffetz – show Trump openly defied Judge Donnelly and Brinkema’s orders, all hell would break loose for the White House.

Senate Assistant Minority Leader Dick Durbin has also joined Castro in calling for investigations.

Castro is seen as an early front runner and contender for the Democratic challenge to incumbent senator Ted Cruz.


Featured image via Kris Connor/Getty Images