FIRST LOOK: Obamas Spotted In British Virgin Islands On Well-Deserved Vacation (VIDEO)

With everything being so utterly chaotic under the new seeming dictatorship of Donald Trump, it’s left many longing for the days of former President Barack Obama.

In only a little over a week, Trump has signed nearly two dozen Executive Orders, causing chaos at home and abroad.

However, for all those desperately seeking a break from the new fascist regime of the Trump administration, the Obama family was spotted in the British Virgin Islands.

According to TMZ:

“Barack and Michelle were spotted Tuesday on one of the British Virgin Islands with their pal, Sir Richard Branson. The former First Couple touched down on Branson’s nearby Necker Island just over a week ago.”

The Obamas look happy and healthy and, best of all, relaxed. They definitely seem to be taking in the sun and sand of a very deserved vacation after being First Family of the nation for eight years. Goodness knows they need it.

The last thing the Obamas likely want is to be brought into the turmoil of the Trump administration. However, knowing Barack Obama, and the fact the fact that he loves the nation more than himself, he’ll undoubtedly do whatever he can to prevent Trump from unraveling his eight years of progress.

In the mean time, enjoy the Obamas are enjoying their time off.

Watch here:

Featured image via video screen capture