Trump Jr. Just ‘Liked’ Tweet Praising Mosque Shooting In Quebec; The Reason Why Is Even Worse (IMAGE)

When it comes to how shameless the Trump family seems to be, it seems to be limitless. They seem to only care about what effects them personally, and how powerful they can become at whatever cost comes to others along the way.

What Donald Trump Jr. just “Liked” on Twitter is just more proof of this.

As several Muslims in Quebec, Canada, perished in a Mosque shooting, many mourned this loss. It was a horrific act of violence, and no one should ever have to be a part of such a thing.

However, having no heart and clearly no grasp of the details of the situation, Trump Jr. decided he would appreciate how much political capital could come out of this if the shooter was Muslim.

The tweet Trump Jr. “Liked” reads as such:

“When it’s revealed that the #QuebecShooting terrorists are Muslims, #Trump will have a tremendous spike in political capital. #MuslimBan”

via Twitter

Trump Jr. seems to not so much care about the loss of life, but rather about the fact that his dad could score some political points.

This is what a sociopath looks like.

As it turns out, the shooter wasn’t Muslim, and was, in fact, an extremist white guy who is a fan of Donald Trump. This isn’t to say that Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric here in the United States is what led to the shooting, but it certainly is an interesting, and very concerning, coincidence.

It’s disgusting that one of the first thoughts out of Donald Trump Jr.’s brain was how he could use people dying to his dad’s advantage. He should be ashamed of himself.

Featured Photo by David Becker/Getty Images