Stephen King’s New Metaphor For Trump Is Going VIRAL; Trump Will Be FURIOUS (TWEET)

If there’s one thing Donald Trump hates, it’s being criticized and told he’s not good at his job. He has a very fragile ego which, in turn, prevents him from leading properly, because if you’re not able to accept criticism or advice and grow from it, you’re never going to be able to efficiently lead. Being president needs to be about what’s best for the people, not what’s best for the current mood of the man in charge.

Pointing out how damaging Trump is already being to the United States is none other than the legendary author Stephen King. In a viral tweet, he describes Trump with a perfect metaphor.

King tweeted out:

“Imagine a hooligan pouring sugar into the gas tank of an expensive and well-maintained car. Trump is that hooligan. America is that car.”

And he’s exactly right. In fact, describing Trump as merely a hooligan may be far too kind. Trump’s destructive and bigoted behavior is going to lead the United States down a very dark path. Just like pouring sugar in a gas tank will destroy a car, Trump’s plans for the nation will subsequently destroy everything that has made America great.

Undoubtedly, Trump will be furious that King made such a criticism of his behavior. Who knows, maybe King will even get an infantile tweet storm thrown directly at him.

Hopefully, Congress, SCOTUS, the ACLU, the media, etc. will hold Trump accountable for all the horrendous things he has already done and plans to do.

Featured Photo by This Robinson, Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images