Trump Voter Whines That Her Husband Can’t Get Back Into The Country (TWEETS)

When it comes to how horrible Donald Trump has been behaving with his actions, words, tweets and executive orders, we really can’t be all that surprised. Trump was horrible throughout his entire campaign, and the majority of Americans picked up on that, which is why he lost the popular vote by close to three million votes.

However, there were still some folks who had high hopes for Trump, despite the fact that he is behaving like the bigot and despot we already knew he would be.

It would seem, though, that some of those people are finally starting to wake up — a little too late, mind you.

One example of some of this regret was pointed out by a Twitter user:

Here’s Nicole¬†super stoked for Trump back in September before the election:

Image via Twitter

Here’s Nicole much less stoked for Trump after the reality of Trump’s leadership kicked in:

Image via Twitter

If she and so many like her had only listened to sanity and reason before the election, the popular vote winner, Hillary Clinton, would be president and everything would be absolutely fine, and she’d probably be dining with her husband right now.

Maybe Nicole will join the resistance movement and help to make sure Trump is held accountable for all his unconstitutionally horrible moves.

Featured Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images