Malala Yousafzai’s Message To Trump Is Something EVERYONE Needs To Listen To

With Donald Trump writing Executive Orders that ban Muslims from several countries, including refugees from war torn countries, it’s left many wondering if Trump even has a soul.

There are literally families dying, children dying, communities ravaged, and Trump has the audacity to turn his cold shoulder to all of them. It’s not only cruel, it’s brutally un-American and stands against everything we’ve ever been as a nation.

The Statue of Liberty still stands, and the message of refuge cannot be lost.

With one of the most honest and poignant messages yet, Malala Yousafzai wrote a statement regarding Trump and his orders. Everyone needs to listen to it and take it to heart, most especially Donald Trump.

Here is Malala’s statement regarding Trump’s executive orders:

“I am heartbroken that today President Trump is closing the door on children, mothers and fathers fleeing violence and war. I am heartbroken that America is turning its back on a proud history of welcoming refugees and immigrants — the people who helped build your country, ready to work hard in exchange for a fair chance at a new life.

I am heartbroken that Syrian refugee children, who have suffered through six years of war by no fault of their own, are singled-out for discrimination.

I am heartbroken for girls like my friend Zaynab, who fled wars in three countries — Somalia, Yemen and Egypt — before she was even 17. Two years ago she received a visa to come to the United States. She learned English, graduated high school and is now in college studying to be a human rights lawyer.

Zaynab was separated from her little sister when she fled unrest in Egypt. Today her hope of being reunited with her precious sister dims.

In this time of uncertainty and unrest around the world, I ask President Trump not to turn his back on the world’s most defenseless children and families.”

Hopefully, he listens sooner rather than later.

Featured Photo by Dan Kitwood – WPA Pool/Getty Images