Protest Group Puts GIANT Sign On Crane Next To White House; Trump’s Gonna Lose His Mind (IMAGE)

If there’s one thing Donald Trump doesn’t like, it’s not being liked or loved. He seems to want people to only say nice things to him or about him, and only do things that are favorable to him.

The moment anyone dare criticize Trump, or write a bit of negative press about him, he flips out, becomes unhinged, and will go on a rant about how horrible those who dare criticize him are. Usually via his medium of choice — Twitter.

Well, one group doesn’t really seem to give a flying f*ck about what Trump thinks of them and are giving him the ultimate middle finger by placing a protest sign on a crane pretty much next to the White House, and definitely visible from the White House.

That group? Greenpeace.

Here’s the protest sign of the rallying cry “resist” that many protesters are using:

Here’s a better view:

via Twitter

And here’s a close-up:

via Twitter

Greenpeace is sending Trump a message that they will not be bullied into submission, and the fact of the matter is, there are many, many people who do not like him whatsoever.

Be prepared for a Twitter hissy fit soon about this very sign.

Featured image via Twitter