National Park Service Officials HILARIOUSLY Troll Trump Over Silencing Government Agencies (TWEETS)

Trump may be working to silence government agencies like the Department of the Interior, home to the National Park Service, as well as the EPA and the USDA’s science and research office, but some government employees are not having it. Operating anonymously, a group of rangers from the National Park Service, with the help of some friends, are running a Twitter account that’s going after Trump’s efforts to muzzle science.

The name on the account is AltUSNatParkService. They’ve been around since 2015, but only became well known over the last day or so as Trump worked to remove scientific information from the White House website, and seems to be ordering any agency or department that publishes climate science to shut it.

In addition to posting photos from our beautiful national parks, these rangers have also launched a very obvious offensive effort against Herr Trump by being a veritable fount of climate science.

These are people who will not be silenced.

These are people who will not allow their colleagues to be silenced either.

And besides the climate science they’re tweeting, they’re also taking very pointed digs at Trump. Take a look below:

Then they explain what has happened:

They’re also actively supporting a Scientists March on Washington to show this administration that science will not go down without a fight any more than women, people of color, LGBTQ people and anyone else marginalized will.

Perhaps the sudden popularity of this account will give employees of other muzzled agencies some ideas for how to keep their information flowing. In the age of social media, it’s far more difficult to silence people. Trump is going to have some serious problems here.

Featured image by Workman, CC-BY-3.0 via Wikipedia