Joy Behar Delivers BRUTALLY Honest Message To Trump That He’ll Have To Agree With (VIDEO)

Ever since Donald Trump lost the popular vote in the general election by nearly 3 million votes, he hasn’t been able to let it go, even though he won the Electoral College.

Even on Wednesday, he was still announcing that he thinks the election had voter fraud and let us all know via his medium of choice — Twitter. He tweeted:

Nothing in those tweets is backed by evidence or facts no matter how many times he says it to try to get us to believe it.

Yet, in reaction to Trump being so adamant about their being voter fraud, The View‘s Joy Behar came up with a brilliant solution — hold a new election.

Reiterating what she said on The View earlier in the day, Behar tweeted out:

“If there was voter fraud, I say let’s do it over again!”

Which is a very honest suggestion that should, in a logical world, make everyone happy. If Trump thinks there was fraud (there wasn’t) then he should be in complete agreement with the suggestion of a new election. And you best be sure Hillary Clinton supporters will more than happily get behind the idea.

So, what say you, Donald? Let’s do it!

Watch the video here:

Featured¬†image via video screen capture — HT Sarah Burris