Donald Trump Posts A Picture Of Himself With Ronald Reagan And All Hell Breaks Loose (TWEETS)

Donald Trump is now so desperate to improve his shattered image that he’s trying to improve it by attaching himself to Ronald Reagan.

Before he turned in for the night on Monday, Trump posted a picture of himself shaking hand with the former Republican president in an effort to seemingly suggest that the torch was being passed at that moment.

Well, the reaction Trump received was not the reaction he was hoping for.

Indeed, Michael Reagan absolutely trashed Trump throughout the campaign.

“No way do I or would my father support this garbage,” he wrote. “My father would not support this kind of campaign, if this is what the Republican Party wants leave us Reagans out.”

Ron Reagan also slammed Trump during the campaign, especially after Trump criticized Carly Fiorina’s looks.

“I can’t think of two people who are more diametrically opposed,” Reagan said. “This egotistical, narcissistic guy with the weird comb over swanning in his private plane. … I mean, look in the mirror, fat boy. Look at that hair, you’re ridiculous! Where do you get off talking on anybody’s appearance? It’s just so unchivalrous. My father would recoil at that sort of thing.”

Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan. He’s much worse.

Featured image via Twitter