WATCH: Joe Biden Just Took Trump To The Woodshed For Acting Like A Petulant Child

Joe Biden is an adult, so he treated Donald Trump the way adults treat petulant children.

On Thursday morning, Trump personally and publicly insulted Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer by calling him a “clown,” and threw a fit because Democrats are not helping Republicans repeal Obamacare, a move that would strip millions of Americans of their healthcare.

Schumer, unlike Trump, later responded like an adult.

“Instead of calling names, [the] president-elect should roll up his sleeves and show us a replacement plan that will cover the 20 million Americans who gained coverage, that will cover students or post-college students, 21 to 26, who want to stay on their parents plan, that will show how we cover people with pre-existing conditions. So I’d say to the president-elect and the Republicans that this is not a time for calling names. It’s time for them to step up if they want to repeal, and show us what they replace it with.”

And now, Joe Biden just scolded Trump for not acting like an adult and slammed him for not offering a real plan to replace the program he wants to repeal.

“Grow up, Donald,” Biden told PBS News Hour’s Judy Woodruff when she asked him to respond. “Grow up. Time to be an adult, you’re president.”

“You gotta do something, show us what you have,” Biden said. “You’re gonna propose the legislation, we’re going to get to debate it, let the public decide. Let ’em vote in Congress. Let’s see what happens. It’s going to be much clearer what he’s for and against and what we’re for and against now that it’s going to get down to actually discussing, in detail, these issues that affect people’s lives.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Donald Trump claims he wants the country to unite behind him, but he sabotages his own message by insulting members of the opposing party. This behavior is far from being presidential. It’s proof that Trump is incapable of controlling himself, and is too immature to lead this nation.

It’s truly sad that adults like President Obama and Vice President Biden are about to be replaced by a toddler.

Featured Image via Wikimedia