Trump’s Russia Connection Says US Troops Lives Are In Danger

A former top aide to Donald Trump makes an alarming reference to the safety of American troops in a letter sent to Senator John McCain. In the note, Carter Page insists that an attempt from McCain, Sen. Lindsey Graham, and other Republicans interested in probing the role Russia played in the 2016 election could impact U.S. national security.

Page previously served as a foreign policy adviser to Trump, and was under FBI investigation for his communications with the Russian government.

In the letter, released to the propaganda site Sputnik (which is financed by the Russian government), Page wrote:

“Any efforts by members of Congress now to undercut potential new approaches to Russia would risk U.S. national security and innumerable service members lives,” Page said in a letter to McCain, who serves as chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, sent late on Tuesday.

“American citizens are largely tired of failed interventionist policies. … The number of proxy wars involving Washington and Moscow across the globe still put countless lives at risk today,” Page wrote.

The Trump team has mounted a full-court press opposing any attempt to investigate and probe Russian attempts to influence the election. Trump himself, responding to President Obama’s expulsion of Russian spies and hackers, urged the government to move on from the hacking.

The letter from Page appears to be the latest in a coordinated push back on attempts to provide accountability after the election. Republicans have been in an odd position as a result. After decades of pushing back on Russian government, including many of the public statements from Ronald Reagan, they are now backing their incoming president and his praise for the most authoritarian Russian government in decades under Vladimir Putin.

By contrast, Democrats have been alarmed at the Russian behavior and Republican disinterest in making them accountable.

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