Conservative Calls President Obama A ‘Muslim’ Over UN Resolution And Gets Epically BURNED

When former Tea Party congressman Joe Walsh decided to lash out at President Obama over a U.N. resolution condemning illegal Israeli settlements, it didn’t go well.

Earlier this week, the United Nations passed a formal resolution condemning Israel’s continued refusal to stop building settlements on Palestinian land. Predictably, conservatives lost their sh*t and have been attacking Obama and the United Nations ever since.

Joe Walsh, after having been praised for ripping Donald Trump a new one for refusing to acknowledge that Russia meddled with the election, decided that he missed being despised. So he accused President Obama of being a Muslim because he thinks only a Muslim would refuse to block a resolution condemning Israel.

And Twitter users promptly BURIED Walsh for his idiocy and bigotry.

Conservatives like Walsh continue to disrespect President Obama in every way but expect Americans to bow down and kiss Trump’s ass, which makes them hypocrites.

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