Trump Supporter Compares Opposing Israeli Settlements To Holocaust, Gets OWNED By Auschwitz Museum

This Donald Trump supporter will be ringing in the new year with egg on his face.

Townhall columnist and retired Army Colonel Kurt Schlichter took to Twitter on Wednesday to whine about the United Nations resolution condemning Israeli settlements on Palestinian land.

In fact, Schlichter’s Twitter feed is full of complaints about the resolution even though America has supported such condemnations before and has always condemned Israeli settlements beyond their national boundaries. The Israelis have killed men, women, and children in the Gaza strip to make this expansion possible with little regard for human rights. Some Israeli lawmakers are even calling for committing genocide against the Palestinians. It should also be noted that the Israeli settlements are preventing peace talks from moving forward because it’s useless to talk about a two-state solution when Israel is busy gobbling up land that belongs to the Palestinians.

Schlichter thinks that those who condemn Israel are like the Jews who were forced to help the Nazis at Auschwitz.

Well, that didn’t sit well with the Auschwitz Memorial Museum, so they responded to Schlichter’s post.

Schlichter replied by suggesting his knowledge of the Holocaust and the Jewish people is superior to that of the Auschwitz Memorial Museum.

And even Schlichter’s followers ripped him a new one for it.

Schlichter goes on to accuse people of supporting policies that keep Jews from praying at holy sites like the Western Wall. But Jews already pray at the Western Wall and are not being barred from doing so. A two-state solution would not change that, nor does the United Nation resolution condemning the continued construction of settlements. Nobody is arguing that Israel doesn’t have the right to exist, but what Israel is doing to the Palestinian people is inexcusable and is only inflaming the Middle East. The United States cannot afford to sacrifice more blood and treasure fighting the entire Muslim world but that’s what Israel is pushing for by continuing to build settlements that make peace impossible.

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