Trump Caught In Huge Lie About His Shady Foundation

Donald Trump is still using his Twitter account to push big, ridiculous lies about his troubled personal foundation, the Donald J. Trump Foundation. Despite his success in the presidential election, it seems Trump just can’t let go of the issue since it’s still generating negative headlines for him.

In a tweet Trump claimed that “100% of money” donated to the foundation “goes to wonderful charities,” but as the Huffington Post reports, that is a total lie about how the foundation has operated over the years of its existence.

The Donald J. Trump Foundation, established in 1987, admitted to the Internal Revenue Service just last year that it engaged in “self-dealing,” a prohibited practice in which a nonprofit leader uses an organization’s money to benefit his or her own interests.

According to a Washington Post report earlier this month, the foundation’s 2015 tax filings confirmed it had transferred income or assets to a “disqualified person” that year (in this case, a “disqualified person” could be Trump himself or a member of his family or business) and had engaged in similar practices in previous years.

While the media fixated on the “optics” and right-wing innuendo about the Clinton Foundation (much of that smear financed by the head of Breitbart by the way), Trump’s foundation escaped much of the same scrutiny despite its admittedly illegal behavior.

Additionally, the Trump Foundation donated money to a political group associated with Florida attorney general Pam Bondi, who dropped a probe of Trump University at the same time. The IRS fined the foundation over that behavior.

He also used the foundation as a slush fund to settle multiple lawsuits that had been personally filed against him, instead of using his own bank accounts to do so. This behavior has continued to cast suspicion on Trump’s claim that he is a billionaire, and his refusal to release his taxes hasn’t helped alleviate those thoughts.

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