Trump DESPERATE For Celebrities To Perform At His Inauguration, So He’s Doing This

While his major qualification to be President of the United States was his status as a celebrity after hosting his reality TV show, The Apprentice, Donald Trump does not actually have a lot of contacts among real A-list celebrities. We first saw that on display during the Republican National Convention this summer, when the “celebrities” in attendance were a mix of the D-list, never were and “is he still alive” variety.

Trump’s inability to attract the big names now apparently extends to his upcoming inauguration, where the Trump team is now reportedly trying to bribe big names into coming on board out of sheer desperation.

One talent manager described being offered “access to the administration” if he could lure major talent. “They said they were in the process of ‘figuring out posts, ambassadorships, and commissions’ if that was of any interest,” he said.

Another source also described receiving a “serious” ambassadorship offer, and that he was so shocked at the proposal that he almost dropped the phone. “Never in a million years have I heard something so crazy,” he said. Both declined the offers.

Trump’s team is denying the story, but the whiff of desperation echoes many of the strange things they’ve been involved in already.

Trump is going to have to try very hard to have even half of the star power in attendance at President Obama’s two inaugurations. At his first, in 2009, Aretha Franklin sang a version of “My Country ‘Tis Of Thee” which will go down in history, then in 2013 Beyoncé sang the national anthem and brought down the house.

For years people mocked the contestant on Trump’s “Celebrity” Apprentice, pointing out that NBC often seemed to hire the people most likely to be sitting next to their telephone, but Trump may need to go back to the tape to pad out his inauguration guest list.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/Flickr