Veterans: Cozy Trump Relationship With Russian Hackers “Cause For Alarm”

Military veterans are expressing extreme concerns about the behavior and reaction of Donald Trump to the revelation that hackers under the employ of Russia stole information from Democrats and passed it on to WikiLeaks in an attempt to influence the result of the election. While Donald Trump and congressional Republicans have down played this information, veterans are now pushing back.

Retired Major General Paul D. Eaton, senior adviser to, has released a statement blasting the Trump/Republican reaction to this dangerous moment:

When you see a President-elect of the United States so enamored by the Russian regime, as well as are his National Security Adviser and potential Secretary of State, and then find out the Russian government interfered in our election to help that side, it is cause for alarm.

We join Senator Wyden and other Intelligence Committee members in calling for materials on Russian hacking that can be declassified to be immediately released to the public. We also join the group of 10 electoral college members that recently asked for all materials to be turned over to them, on this matter. We do not need an investigation to tell us what evidence and information the CIA found. The American people deserve to see those materials right now.

General Eaton also asks, “Did anyone in the Trump campaign, or anyone connected to the campaign know about this plot?”

The Russian campaign to manipulate the outcome of the 2016 election continues to induce fear in millions of Americans, and it is very telling that veterans are now among those expressing concern about the actions of Russia, Putin, and Trump in such dire terms.

Congressional Republicans, fresh off of the partisan Benghazi investigation largely whipped up to attack Hillary Clinton, have slow-walked their responses to Russian hacking, with some actively opposing any sort of investigation that could harm Trump’s public image.

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