Even Fox News Is Turning Against Trump; Calls President Elect WORSE Than Clinton (VIDEO)

You know things are going badly for the GOP President-Elect when even Fox News begins to turn on him. In an interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Trump was grilled about his conflicts of interest and about his similar accusations toward Hillary Clinton.

Wallace asked Trump about his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, telling CNN that Trump would continue his role as executive producer for Celebrity Apprentice in his “spare time.” as well as the fact Trump plans on keeping a stake in his real estate business while in the White House. “Isn’t that a huge conflict of interest, sir?” Wallace asked.

Trump’s response was that it was okay because everyone in the world knows he’s a big real estate tycoon and he denied that he will be involved in the management of the company.

To Wallace’s credit (and I don’t say that often), the Fox anchor countered that Trump “hammered Hillary Clinton over the Clinton Foundation and pay to play.”

Trump responded that that was “different because she takes massive amounts of money from foreign countries.” That’s not true, but Fox didn’t point that out.

Wallace continued, noting that Trump will also be making “massive amounts of money” because “foreign countries are already booking events at the Trump hotel in D.C.,” and that Trump has “business operations, deals with foreign countries…isn’t this on steroids.”

Trump was seemingly appalled, but Wallace went on, saying that foreign governments were trying to curry favor with the United States through Trump’s hotels.

Trump, though, made the claim that he is “turning down billions of dollars in deals” because of potential conflicts of interest, but he did claim that he didn’t know if he’d be “doing deals,” and said that “under the law (he has) the right to do it,” but he doesn’t want to.

Here’s the video:

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Trump is a danger, not just for domestic policy, but that he and his conflicts of interest present a real threat to the world. This issue is resonating with the American people, nearly 2/3rds of whom have expressed concern with Trump’s conflicts of interest. As for why Fox is waking up to that reality now, and not before the election, well, perhaps they see it as their ticket out of a wildcard Trump presidency. They would much rather deal with a President Mike Pence.

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