Unbelievable: Trump’s DISGUSTING Comment About Black Voters

Donald Trump is back to his pre-election habit of saying rude, dismissive, and bigoted things about black voters in America. In another of his strange post-election rallies, Trump brought up the topic of black voter turnout, and then proceeded to say that one set of blacks are not as good as another.

President-elect Donald Trump claimed Friday night that African Americans came through for him “big league” in the November election and said those who stayed home were “almost as good” as those who voted for him.

Trump’s comments came during a rally in Grand Rapids, Mich., the latest stop on an ongoing “thank you” tour of states where the Republican prevailed against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

As has been the trend for decades, Trump was trounced among black voters who voted for Clinton by a margin of 89 percent to 8 percent. It’s an almost-standard part of Republican rhetoric to ignore the lopsided vote among this key set of Americans instead of denigrating the choices this group of citizens has made at the ballot box.

During the campaign, Trump also generated a backlash among black voters, describing the black community as crime-ridden and uneducated, while telling black voters they had “nothing to lose” by voting for him. A vast majority of them evidently rejected his message, perhaps in large part coming from his decision to woo white supremacist support while also supporting the racist birther conspiracy against President Obama.

While Clinton did not get as strong a turnout with black voters as Obama did, she earned enough of their vote to end up with a popular vote victory over Trump, leading him by 2.7 million votes and making him the second Republican in 20 years to win the presidency without getting most of the votes.

Perhaps if Trump was less flippant or dismissive with black voters, his party would be competitive in that arena instead of the constant routs.

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