WATCH: Trump Is Now Criticizing Time’s ‘Person Of The Year’ As Being ‘Politically Correct’

Even though former reality show star turned president-elect Donald Trump lost the popular vote by 2.6 million, the alleged billionaire became the recipient of the title Person of the Year, courtesy of Time magazine. But, you know, it’s been that kind of year where nothing makes sense anymore. On Thursday, while Trump was on his ‘thank you’ tour, he bragged about his award but criticized the title as “politically correct” because of course.

“I was lucky enough to receive the Time Person of the Year,” Trump said in Des Moines, Iowa. “They used to call it ‘Man of the Year,’ but they can’t do that anymore, so they call it ‘person.’ They want to be politically correct. That’s OK.”

Trump previously predicted he would never win the title and slammed Time magazine for giving it to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who became only the fourth woman to grace Time’s cover with the award.

The Huffington Post reports:

Time originally called its annual feature on what the magazine considers the year’s most influential person “Man of the Year.” It changed the title to “Person of the Year” in 1999, even though several women won the honor before then, beginning with Wallis Simpson in 1936, who was given the title “Woman of the Year.”

On NBC’s Today Show, Trump said, “To be on the cover of Time magazine as the person of the year is a tremendous honor.”

Well, his attitude sure changes like the wind.



Although the title fed Trump’s massive ego for a New York minute, Time called him, “President of the Divided States” next to his photo on the cover and the president-elect took issue with that.

“When you say divided states of America, I didn’t divide them,” Trump said. “They’re divided now. I think putting divided is snarky, but again, it’s divided. I’m not president yet. So I didn’t do anything to divide.”

It’s interesting that Trump slammed Time magazine on his ‘thank you’ tour while being an ingrate.

Image via screen capture.