Trump TERRIFIES THE HELL Out Of Dept. Of Energy With Invasive Questions About Current Employees

Trump’s transition team is certainly doing a good job of keeping things moving along, but that’s about the only thing they’re doing well. What they’re busy doing, while keeping things humming along, is another story entirely. Trump’s pick for head of the Environmental Protection Agency is enough to send alarm bells ringing, but then his transition team had to go and make things considerably worse.

Trump’s team has contacted the Department of Energy with some unusual requests that would worry pretty much anyone. They want to know who had attended the U.N.’s climate summits over the last five years. As we all know, there was a major climate change summit in Paris at the end of 2015, and we eventually ended up signing onto the agreement that emerged, much to the dismay of climate deniers who want to derail all the progress we’ve made as a global climate leader.

Their questionnaire, which has 74 questions (more than many tests, employment exams, etc.), also asked who had attended any meetings on the social cost of carbon, which is what our government uses to determine the costs and benefits of new climate and energy regulations. They also want a list of all publications from employees who are at the 17 national laboratories run by the Dept. of Energy for the last three years. Dan Reicher, a professor at Stanford University, said:

“They’re certainly sending an aggressive signal here with some of these questions and they need to be careful.”

Yeah well, Trump and his cronies, his lapdogs, and the people who are giving him blow jobs and sucking his balls don’t really want to be careful. They want to prove they’re on Cheetolini’s side. Why? Likely because Trump is a massive climate denier, regardless of what he says now, and because everyone he’s choosing to run the agencies in charge of both energy production and environmental protection are avid climate deniers.

If you’re not a climate denier, good luck keeping your job. Trump and his cabinet picks could undo every environmental regulation we’ve implemented in the last, well, who knows? 20 years? 30? The people who oppose that, and the people who are just dying to sleep with King Cheeto, would rather perform fellatio than stick by the truth of climate change.

Some employees at the Dept. of Energy feel like this is an “enemies list,” of sorts:

When Donald Trump said he wanted to drain the swamp it apparently was just to make room for witch hunts and it’s starting here at the DOE and our 17 national labs.”

Yup. Most likely. Energy and environmental policy are good places to start since not many people really think about those things. Care? Absolutely, but not think about on a daily basis, which is sad considering the fact that we still need this planet to survive, and if it changes faster than we can adapt, we’ll all die.

But who cares about that, right? Climate change is always happening, and it’s not man-made because man can’t be so arrogant as to thwart the Almighty Christian God, so trying to save the environment is dumb since businesses need profit and man will either survive or die anyway.

Or that’s how they sound.


The Dept. of Energy should be afraid because they might be the start of a government-wide purging of people who don’t agree with every single syllable Trump utters, either in front of a mic or on his Twitter account. They’ll be first, but who might follow?

Featured image by Drew Angerer via Getty Images