Grab Popcorn: Trump’s About To Have A Twitter Fit Over His ‘Record’ Approval Rating (TWEETS)

If there’s one thing Donald Trump has made remarkably clear throughout his campaign for the presidency, it’s that low ratings are pathetic. He said it about the debates, about how high or low they are, about how certain networks do better than others if they feature him, etc. etc.

Taking all of that into consideration, Trump is really going to hate the fact that he has a lower approval rating than any of his predecessors for the past 27 or so years.

According to the Pew Research Center:

“Trump’s rating for the job he has done so far presenting his vision to the public is lower than those other recent presidents received following their elections.”

“The partisan gap in ratings of the job Trump has done so far is wider than it has been for any prospective president dating to the 1988 election.”


“Trump also receives low marks for his initial cabinet choices and other high level appointments. By 51% to 40%, more say they disapprove than approve of the cabinet choices and appointments Trump has made so far. In contrast, majorities approved of the choices made by the past four president-elects. In fact, approval ratings for Trump’s cabinet choices are 18 points lower than for the next lowest-rated president-elect.”

And also this:

“Alongside negative ratings for the job Trump has done explaining his plans and selecting his cabinet so far, most also hold an overall unfavorable view of the president-elect.”

Here’s a look at the visual comparison put out by Pew:

Now, with Trump’s obsession for ratings taken into consideration, you know this isn’t going to go over very well with him, and he’s likely going to take to Twitter very soon to go after how terrible Pew is or something to that affect.

The president-elect has very, very thin skin, so grab your popcorn and get ready.

Featured Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images