BOMBSHELL: Top Trump Appointment Was HUGE Donor, Might Have Purchased Admin Position

Linda McMahon, Trump’s pick to head the Small Business Administration, has been making headlines because of her unsavory career building the WWE. However, those headlines have been hiding a sinister fact that everyone should be aware of: the McMahons are major funders of Trump. They’ve given the Trump Foundation and Super PACs supporting the candidate millions of dollars. A donor is being given a spot on the incoming administration.

Here’s more, from The New Civil Rights Movement:

Donald Trump has named former WWE CEO Linda McMahon to become his Small Business Administration chief. McMahon gave a Trump Super PAC $6 million during the final months of the campaign, despite having denounced his comments about women as “deplorable.”

McMahon, who ran for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut but failed, twice, is the top outside donor (along with her husband) to the Trump Foundation, giving the controversial family charity $5 million between 2007 and 2009 – more than Trump himself gave.

Apparently, she’s totally fine with Trump’s comments as long as she gets to buy a spot on his administration.

As Trump said when speaking about the Clinton Foundation, “Follow the money.” If she’s not buying a position in the administration, why would you appoint someone who has donated over $10 million to support you? After all, the appearance of impropriety and impropriety itself are often not far separate in public life, where perception can be everything. It’s very obvious that Donald Trump is either corrupt, or doesn’t care if people think he’s corrupt. And considering his settlement for fraud, thousands of stiffed contractors, thousands upon thousands of lawsuits, and general business record, it seems most likely it’s the former option.

Can you imagine the level of scrutiny Hillary Clinton would have faced if she appointed someone to her hypothetical administration who had donated over $10 million to her? Conservatives would be frothing at the mouth — and rightfully so, in that case. Pay-to-play is simply not the way a government should be run. Of course, since it’s Trump, conservatives are silent.

Plus, she’s not even qualified:

Like many of the President-elect’s cabinet appointments, McMahon’s professional qualifications appear to be out-of-step with the duties she will assume when she is confirmed. Despite her family’s entrepreneurial streak, the WWE has a near monopolization over the industry and has been accused of allegedly prioritizing money over the health of its wrestlers. “We of course had a responsibility to our shareholders,” McMahon told the Times in response, denying the allegations. “But every good chief executive understands that in addition to maintaining profitability, companies that hope to be successful in the long term absolutely have to put people first.” Whether McMahon will be able to use her experience with big business to benefit small businesses around America has yet to be seen. (Source)

This is just more evidence that Trump is doing the OPPOSITE of “draining the swamp.” He’s business-as-usual on steroids.

Featured image via Sara D. Davis/Getty Images