Trump Just Literally Gave The WWE A Cabinet Position; World Doomed (DETAILS)

Just when you thought things couldn’t get crazier and more bizarre in the future Donald Trump administration, the president-elect just nominated ex-WWE CEO Linda McMahon to head the Small Business Administration, which is considered a cabinet role.

According to Reuters:

“U.S. President-elect Donald Trump plans to nominate professional wrestling magnate and former Senate candidate Linda McMahon as his choice to head the Small Business Administration, transition officials told Reuters on Wednesday.”

Reuters points out:

“McMahon, 68, is a co-founder and former CEO of the professional wrestling franchise WWE, which is based in Stamford, Connecticut. She ran unsuccessfully for a U.S. Senate seat in Connecticut in 2010. She was an early supporter of Trump’s presidential campaign.”


“The SBA, which has at least one office in every U.S. state, provides support to small businesses such as extending loans and making sure they get a percentage of federal contracts.”

And nothing says “small business” like the WWE! It’s likely one of the largest entertainment companies around, and Trump is likely giving her the position as a personal favor for all her years of support and friendship. In fact, McMahon donated $6 Million to Trump’s presidential campaign. Talk about pay for play.

“Linda’s contributions in August and September alone reportedly make up nearly one third of the money raised by Rebuilding America Now, The Donald’s super PAC, making her one of the leading external donors for the Republican party during this election.”

This entire scenario is just mind-boggling and beyond obscene. It’s almost as if Trump is going out of his way to be as horrible as possible. Between white supremacists and the WWE running this country, hopefully we make it until 2020 to make sure Trump gets voted out.

In the mean time, we really need to focus on the 2018 midterms.

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