Member Of Trump Team Resigns In Disgrace To Stop Media From Asking About This

A member of Donald Trump’s presidential transition team has been kicked aside after he was caught spreading a dangerous conspiracy theory promoted on fake news websites. Michael G. Flynn, son of Trump’s pick to be national security adviser, General Michael T. Flynn, will no longer be on the team and his official transition email has been shut off.

The son of Lt.-Gen. Michael T. Flynn, Donald Trump’s pick to be national security adviser, Michael G. Flynn, resigned from the Trump transition team Tuesday, CBS News’ Major Garrett reported.

He offered his resignation when it became clear that he was becoming a significant distraction and his position helping his father was no longer tenable.

Flynn the younger was given the distinct impression that his tweets on fake news had become problematic and the transition did not intend to expend the energy or political capital necessary to defend him.

The son has repeatedly promoted and pushed the so-called “Pizzagate” conspiracy, in which conservatives created a false story around the hacked emails of Hillary Clinton aide John Podesta and alleged that a Washington, D.C. pizza restaurant was the hub of a child trafficking ring.

Thanks to promotion by fake news sites, conspiracy theorists, and accounts like Flynn’s Twitter account, a disturbed gunman recently went to the pizzeria and got off a shot while ranting about the “Pizzagate” conspiracy.

When it was uncovered that Flynn had promoted the conspiracy, he argued that it was possible – despite considerable evidence to the contrary – that it might be true. He even got into a fight on Twitter with CNN anchor Jake Tapper, who tried to explain to Flynn through a back channel that promoting this story was actually putting lives in danger.

Fake news and conspiracy theorists have thrived with Donald Trump. Trump, who came to fame politically as a supporter of the “birther” conspiracy, has appeared on radio shows with conspiracy theorists and enlisted some of them as informal political advisers.

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