Ladies Of ‘The View’ Hilariously ROAST Trump For Throwing Twitter Hissy Fit Over SNL (VIDEO)

With Donald Trump throwing yet another hissy fit on Twitter for how Saturday Night Live depicts him,  it has left many going after him for being such a whining baby about it all, and the ladies of The View are no different.

The general consensus about Trump’s Twitter tantrums is that instead of focusing on how a comedy show satirizes him, he should focus on the nation he was just elected to lead, albeit only through the Electoral college because he lost to Hillary Clinton by 2.6 million votes.

Many on the panel noticed that Trump seems very insecure, probably because he won the election so narrowly and didn’t get the popular vote, and now he’s overcompensating with aggression on Twitter.

Here’s the thing, political satire is necessary, especially to keep people in power in check and make them see how ridiculous they can be sometimes. If Trump doesn’t like a mirror being held up to how he behaves, maybe he should look at himself and not the people pointing it out.

These opinions from The View panel are likely how most of America feels right now, so well done.

Watch the ladies go after Trump here:

Featured video via video screen capture