LEGO Donald Trump Steals Christmas, And It’s Absolutely Hilarious (VIDEO)

With many people still recovering from such a horrendous election result, it’s left quite a few people unable to get into the Christmas spirit. Especially knowing that the nation is about to be handed over to a tiny-handed orange bully who tweets his verbal diarrhea with no filter whatsoever.

However, as it seems at the moment, Donald Trump will, in fact, be inaugurated as the United States’ 45th president, and we all need to somehow wrap our heads around that.

In the mean time, with some much-needed levity during this terrible time in history for all the world, Alisha Brophy and Scott Miles have put together a brilliant stop-motion animated video featuring LEGO Donald Trump and his takeover of the North Pole from Santa Claus.

The video features Trump even going after the baby Jesus, throwing a hissy fit on Twitter, and thanking his pal Russian President Vladimir Putin, who appears on a LEGO bear.

Most notably, there are several lines stolen and adapted directly from what Trump has said in real life, including his horrific statements towards women, such as:

“When you’re Santa, you can do whatever. Grab ’em by the antlers.”

All in all, this is pretty damn brilliant. Well done.

Watch here:

Featured image via video screen capture