Battleground State Recounts Are Now Getting Underway, And Trump Is Clearly PETRIFIED

It’s funny how Trump kept screaming that the election was rigged all through his campaign, and now screams there’s massive voter fraud everywhere considering that the three states that gave him the White House are getting ready to recount their votes. Lawyers for Trump are mobilizing to block recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania in a panic, trying to stop these efforts. Wisconsin’s recount is already underway, so good luck there.

Michigan’s recount is set to begin today, yet Trump believes that any recount in that state would be “lawless,” despite the fact that recounting election votes is as American as hot dogs with ketchup at the ballpark. His complaint could stall that recount until it becomes impossible to do it, and that’s probably his goal. The Board of Canvassers is scheduled to discuss Trump’s specious claims today.

In Pennsylvania, Trump’s attorneys accused Jill Stein of “commandeering Pennsylvania’s electoral process, with an eye toward doing the same to the Electoral College.” They go on to say that there’s no evidence of fraud or tampering, and imply that the recount shouldn’t happen because of this. Indeed, one judge has blocked recount efforts in one part of the state, but it’s not clear what the state itself will do.

What are they so afraid of? Seriously. Trump himself alleged massive voter fraud, and his minions have glommed on to that absurd narrative, but they won. They won the White House, so what’s the problem here? If anything, they ought to be celebrating these recounts because they should believe such recounts will just reinforce the legitimacy of Trump’s win.

Is it the anomalies in Wisconsin that’s scaring the living demons out of him? Perhaps it’s his shrinking margin in Pennsylvania that’s got him terrified. Following Philadelphia’s final tally, Trump’s lead shrank from roughly 71,000 to 46,435 votes. That could be scary. Or maybe it’s the fact that Michigan agreed to a recount despite the fact that the state only uses paper ballots.

Hillary is now down by less than 80,000 votes across all three battleground states.

The problems in all three states could be enough to worry him. If he were any kind of classy, though, he’d tell them to go ahead with their recounts, and he’d have his people tell the press and anyone else who will listen that he’s confident these recounts won’t reveal anything new.

That should be obvious. But what’s truly obvious is that Trump is scared that the recounts will show he lost. Whether they actually will or not remains to be seen, but he and his officials are making complete fools of themselves by contesting the recounts like this.

Featured image by Mark Wilson via Getty Images