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Dems SLAM Trump For Racist Support And Kellyanne Conway Freaks Out

Trump campaign manager and spin doctor, Kellyanne Conway, was directly confronted by Clinton staffers with the underhanded racial tactics the Trump campaign used in the 2016 election, and it didn’t go well.

Appearing at a joint post-election event at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Clinton’s communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, was blunt and to the point about what Trump had done, telling the Trump camp, “I would rather lose than win the way you guys did!”

 “How exactly did we win, Jenn? How exactly?” Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway fired back, noting that “I have a smile on my face at all times.”

Palmieri proceeded to bash the Trump campaign and its chief executive (and Breitbart News honcho), Stephen K. Bannon, as a vehicle and emboldening power for America’s “white supremacists and white nationalists.”

“Are you gonna look me in the face and say I ran a campaign that was a platform for white supremacists?” Conway angrily responded.

Palmieri told her, plainly, yes.

Trump ran the most explicitly racist presidential campaign in nearly 60 years. He constantly attacked ethnic groups, launching his campaign in his New York City building by calling Mexicans “rapists.” He later called for a ban on Muslim entry to the United States, as well as a system to track Muslims as they moved through the country.

Trump also courted white supremacists, giving them press credentials both for campaign events and the Republican National Convention. Former KKK leader, David Duke, endorsed Trump’s run and adopted his campaign slogan. During one interview, Trump’s response was to refuse to condemn Duke’s support three different times.

White supremacists also paid for pro-Trump robocalls via a super-PAC, saying they were attracted to his message of excluding non-whites from positions of influence in American life.

Black people were alienated by Trump’s approach as well, rejecting his characterization of black life as an existence solely in poverty, and under constant threat from gun violence.

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