Rachel Dratch Brings Up OBVIOUS Problem With Trump No One Seems To Be Saying (TWEET)

With Donald Trump throwing a Twitter tantrum from the very early morning throughout the afternoon on Sunday, it makes you wonder what exactly he plans to do once he’s actually inside the Oval Office. He clearly has anger issues and he doesn’t know how to handle any sort of conflict, especially criticism against him.

He’s even been saying that he won the popular vote which he so very clearly DID NOT, because Hillary Clinton currently holds a 2.2 million vote lead that continues to climb. Then he says that there was voter fraud in other states.

Those, of course, being states Hillary won, so of course he’s saying there’s fraud there since the states he supposedly won are the ones currently being looked at for a recount. He’s throwing his typical “I know you are, but what am I?” behavior that he became notorious for over the course of the entire election.

He is literally spiraling out of control.

Noticing this clear spiral was none other than SNL alum and entertainer extraordinaire, Rachel Dratch.

Dratch tweeted out the obvious that no one seems to want to point out:

“The fact that no one seems to have the power to take his damn *phone* away makes me extremely nervous about all the other buttons.”

Which is exactly right. If he can’t control his Twitter habits, and no one else seems to be able to control him either, what the hell is going to happen when he gains control over our military, or scarier yet, our nuclear codes? It’s absolutely horrifying.

It’s certainly going to be an interesting next few weeks as recounts get underway.

Featured Photo by Brad Barket, Drew Angerer/Getty Images