Bus Driver Kicks Kids Off Of Bus, Hurls Racial Slurs; School Blames The Kids (VIDEO)

A bus driver in Minnesota apparently feels empowered by our new Trump-inspired country where people get to say and do whatever the hell they want, as long as they are saying and doing something that might hurt people who have the audacity to not be white men.

On Wednesday, as children were headed home for their Thanksgiving weekend from Moorhead Middle School, the bus driver stopped the bus in the middle of an industrial park and ordered the students out.

According to one middle schooler, DeShanna Dotson, the driver, whose name has not been released to the media, said to the students, “you guys can get off my bus and walk home. I’m not driving you guys home.” This was in the middle of an industrial park, where according to Dotson’s mother, there weren’t even sidewalks for the children to walk on.

It gets even worse than endangering the lives of children. The driver reportedly also started calling the students the “n” word as they are leaving the bus. Still, the school is defending the driver, who is only a contractor.

“We did find that there were students that were misbehaving on the bus. I think the bus driver just kind of got fed up,” said Lynne Kovash, Moorhead Schools superintendent.

Source: WDAY.com

Kovash did say, though, that the driver will no longer be driving for Moorhead schools.

Here’s the video:

While there’s absolutely no way to know for sure that this bus driver was a Trump voter, there has been a rash of racially motivated hate crimes since Trump was elected. Suddenly, white people feel empowered and the so-called “political correctness” that’s been holding them back is gone, at least in their minds. It’s now fair game to harass, insult and even beat up people of color or Muslims or anyone else who doesn’t fit some sort of fictional norm. Look for more incidents like this long before things get better again.

Featured image via video screen capture.