Trump Supporters Didn’t Vote Because Of The Economy; It Was Racism, And Here’s PROOF

Post election, the media and Donald Trump voters everywhere have been rewriting recent history. They are making the claim that Trump wasn’t elected because of racism; he was elected because of the economy. The problem with that argument, though, is that it’s simply not true. Trump voters are racist and there’s proof.

The American National Elections Study (ANES) began the study in January. Initially, they asked “How likely is it that many whites are unable to find a job because employers are hiring minorities instead.” Now, of course, anyone who spends more than five minutes listening to those in minority communities know the answer to that. It’s VERY unlikely that whites aren’t getting jobs because minorities are, but that’s not what Trump voters think. The vast majority said that it’s “extremely likely” that minorities are taking jobs from white people.

Graph courtesy of ANES and Salon.

Graph courtesy of ANES and Salon.

Then, they asked the same Trump voters about a non-racial issue, trade. Despite the fact that trade was one of Trump’s signature issues, their opinions on trade were mixed.


Post election, this is what the study found:

The question about white jobs is powerfully linked to support for Trump over Clinton. Eighty-four percent of whites who believe it is “extremely likely” that whites can’t find a job because employers are hiring people of color instead support Trump, compared with 23 percent of those who think it is “not at all” likely. Among white Democrats, 58 percent who believe people of color are taking jobs support Trump over Clinton, compared with less than 1 percent of those who believe it is not at all likely. Eighty-one percent of white women who think it is “extremely likely” people of color are taking jobs supported Trump, compared with 26 percent who don’t think that.

More than that, 78 percent of white Trump supporters say black people are “violent.” 84 percent think that of Muslims.

Unfortunately, Democrats might not be able to just ride out this wave of racism, hoping that eventually, the aging bigots will die off. It turns out their children are just as bad. Sean McElwee, the man who was responsible for publishing the study, suggested this:

Democrats must create a narrative that weaves economic, racial and gender justice together. A multiracial coalition is the path to sustained political power and reductions in economic, racial and gender inequality. As I’ve shown with political scientist Jason McDaniel, racism often diminishes support for progressive policies. The solution is not to abandon either the white working class or the diverse and rising American electorate that still stands poised to transform the nation.

Great idea, if we had a media that reported facts instead of letting bigots’ claims go unchallenged.

Featured image via Ralph Freso/Getty Images