WATCH: Van Jones Says EXACTLY What Needs To Be Said About Tonight’s Election Results In This Video

The election result tonight is hard to swallow for many of us. Donald Trump is so deeply unpresidential in so many ways, it’s hard to imagine we live in a country that would actually stoop so low as to elect him. And the hardest part might be explaining it to those that just don’t have the tools yet to understand — especially when we’re having trouble grasping it ourselves.

Nobody has made that point better than CNN’s Van Jones, who makes a passionate and stirring point about the difficulty for some parents in explaining to their children how a person like Donald Trump could become president. He’s also right about his other point — Donald Trump is the result of “whitelash.” It’s the middle finger from white America for electing Barack Obama, and for daring to nominate Hillary Clinton. This was about race, and it was about sexism — and it was about gerrymandered districts which gave the Republican Party more electoral representation per vote than the Democratic Party.

Here’s the video of his comments, courtesty of Now This:

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