To The People Saying ‘A Trump Presidency Won’t Kill You’ – Here’s Why It Just Might

On Tuesday night, Donald Trump won the general election and will soon become the next President of the United States. Not surprisingly, social media was a rough place to be on Wednesday. But one thing has sent me into a seething rage more than once today: The people saying “a Trump presidency won’t kill you” or “we lived through Obama, you’ll live through Trump.”

That isn’t necessarily true. In fact, for me and a lot of people I know, we almost certainly won’t live through the next four years if he does what he has promised and repeals Obamacare.

For the sake of this conversation, let’s ignore the fact that 20 million people could lose their healthcare in the blink of an eye. People who, for the most part, are hard working Americans. Those lazy no good people who sit on their asses and leech off the government? Yeah, they were already covered by Medicaid. It’s the people who work full time at jobs that refuse to offer insurance to their employees whose lives were changed by Obamacare. But like I said, let’s forget about that for just a moment.

The people least likely to survive if the Affordable Care Act is repealed are the people who are already sick. Until the ACA, insurance companies were able to deny coverage to anyone who had already been diagnosed with a pre-existing condition. Or they could simply charge them a premium so high that coverage became an impossibility. Because sick people are too expensive to keep alive, right? People who complain about the healthcare law always seem to forget this nifty little clause.

Obamacare changed that. Insurance companies no longer have these options. They can no longer refuse coverage because of a pre-existing condition. But if Trump, aided by a Republican-controlled House and Senate, follows through with his campaign promise and repeals Obamacare, this protection for the sick would vanish.

According to Obamacare Facts, if the ACA were repealed tomorrow, anybody who has been diagnosed with a pre-existing condition could find themselves unable to access even the most basic medical care.

“We would like to tell you that those with preexisting conditions could keep their plan, but without cost assistance and limits on what plans could charge that may not be an option. The last GOP ObamaCare alternative to the Affordable Care Act essentially reinstated preexisting conditions and took away subsidies for those with lower incomes… so it could be pretty bad for a lot of people if the courts side with conservative backed lawsuits or if a conservative gets into office and tires to dismantle the law.”

I have a long list of chronic illnesses. Without my medical care, I will die. Without my medications, I will die. Without access to my doctors, I will die. I am not being dramatic. I am being honest. Hell, if I listed my medical conditions here, it would throw me over the word count limit. Many people I know are in the same position. Repealing Obamacare will kill us.

But nobody ever wants to talk about that. They talk about rising premiums and unconstitutional mandates. They never want to mention that they will be condemning the sick to die. But that is exactly what dismantling the ACA will do. That is exactly what Trump has vowed to do on his first day in office.

So don’t stand there and tell me that a Trump presidency won’t kill me because it almost certainly will.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images