SHAME: Proof Trump Doesn’t Care About Military Veterans

Donald Trump has often invoked the U.S. military and treatment of military veterans while he has campaigned as the Republican presidential nominee. But time and time again, when it comes to actions and deeds, Trump’s behavior is that of someone who doesn’t really care at all.

The latest evidence of that comes from reporting on how he behaved while attacking the family of Captain Humayun Khan, the soldier who died protecting his unit in Iraq in 2004. Trump responded to the Khan family’s speech during the Democratic Convention by attacking the family, but now we are learning just how ignorant Trump was while he was involved in this smear.

New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman reported on Saturday that when one adviser warned Trump he had just attacked a Gold Star family, the GOP nominee responded “what’s that?” The term is commonly used to refer to any family that has lost a loved one in war. The United States has officially recognized these families since 1936.


Sherman also reported that Paul Manafort, who was then Trump’s campaign chairman, had to explain what ‘Gold Star family’ meant.

Reporting has shown that with Trump, the Republicans have nominated an extreme narcisst, who doesn’t understand any more of the wider world than he has to contend with on a day-to-day basis. Trump neither cares nor does he have the curiosity to care, even if the welfare of soldiers is the issue.

His staff has been reduced to being a series of sitters for a wealthy baby.

Captain Khan’s father, Khizr Khan, is still involved in the 2016 election. Within the last week, Mr. Khan was on the campaign trail speaking about and advocating on behalf of the candidate he believes in and who he trusts to defend Muslims, soldiers, and Muslim soldiers: Hillary Clinton.

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