Uncovered Video: Trump Makes CREEPIEST Comments Yet About His Daughter (VIDEO)

It’s clear that Donald Trump thinks his daughter is beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with that. All fathers are supposed to believe that, but Trump’s fatherly admiration of Ivanka goes far beyond just thinking she’s beautiful — he finds her sexually attractive and that’s creepy as hell. The latest video to come out adds a new dimension to Trump’s attraction to his own daughter.

There is certainly history. Trump loves to have Ivanka sit on his lap, to the point of her appearing to give him a lap dance.

Image courtesy of Snopes.

Image courtesy of Snopes.

The GOP presidential candidate (the best they apparently could come up with) has joked numerous times about dating, or even marrying, his daughter.

Still, in none of these instances did Trump specifically mention sex. This newly uncovered video, from just three years ago, does. In an appearance on the Wendy Williams show, Trump and Ivanka were asked what they had in common. Ivanka answered as you might imagine the daughter of a rich person. She said that golf and real estate are their two main common interests. Her father, though, said something entirely different, “well, I was going to say sex, but I can’t relate that to her.”

Oh, thank goodness he stopped himself from saying “sex,” right after he said “sex.”

Check out the look on her face:

Here’s the screen grab of the very brief (if you blink, you’d miss it) but telling moment:


Maybe this is just an innocent joke of some kind, but even if it is, it’s very telling. Donald Trump seems to see women through just one prism, and that’s whether or not he’s sexually attracted to them. It’s also highly likely that when Ivanka was a child, her father had almost nothing to do with her, so that could have something to do with the apparent fact that he doesn’t have normal fatherly feelings toward his daughter. Instead, like all women, Trump sees her as a sex object.

Featured image via video screen shot