‘I’m Going To Beat Your Ass!’ Trump Fan Arrested For Threatening Black Woman Just Waiting For A Cab

A Donald Trump supporter was arrested Monday after threatening to beat a black woman and calling her racial slurs outside a ShopRite store, according to the Albany police. 55-year-old Todd Warnken was told to leave the store after “being disruptive inside,” Albany police spokesman Steve Smith told the Albany Times-Union.

Once Warnken left the store, he encountered a black woman who was waiting for a taxi. According to the police, he harassed the woman then proceeded to threaten physical harm.

Smith told the paper that Warnken yelled to the woman, “Trump is going to win and if you don’t like it I’m going to beat your ass,” while using a racial slur. We can only imagine the language he used.

Violence at Trump rallies has been well documented. In March, in Tucson, Arizona. A protester at a Trump rally was sucker-punched and kicked by a 32-year-old man. He was arrested on an assault charge. In March, a Trump supporter sucker-punched a black protester at a rally in North Carolina. The Trump supporter said later, “Next time we might have to kill him.”

It’s not just the violence at rallies. A Trump supporter in August was arrested for assaulting his 73-year-old Clinton-supporting wife.

The list is endless, but here are two more examples:

In March, two Wichita State University students said they were beaten in a convenience store parking lot by a man they said called them “brown trash” and told them “Trump will make America great again.”

Two brothers in Boston were sentenced to prison in May for beating a homeless Mexican man because they thought he was an undocumented immigrant, telling police Trump “was right” about deporting “all these illegals.”

There has been an uptick of attacks on Muslims, too. Don’t call them deplorable, though, because that hurts their feelings. Donald Trump has called for his supporters to observe voters at the polls in an obvious attempt to intimidate minorities. Trump’s favorability with African-Americans polls at a whopping zero percent.

As for Warnken, he’s been charged with misdemeanor aggravated harassment.

Image via Albany Police Department.