WATCH: Chuck Todd HUMILIATES Rudy Giuliani After He Pathetically Defends Trump

Appearing on NBC’s Meet The Press Sunday morning, Rudy Giuliani continued his efforts to defend Donald Trump. With Trump’s campaign falling apart and the rest of the GOP quickly abandoning their presidential nominee, Giulini has continued to stump for Trump despite the fact that Trump is now being skewered by both Democrats and Republicans over his violently misogynistic remarks regarding groping women.

It didn’t take very long for the show’s host Chuck Todd to show what it means to be a friend of Trump at the moment. Giuliani, who recently defended Trump’s “grab her by the pussy” comment by saying that “The fact is men, at times, talk like that,” was forced to listen to audio recordings where Trump used vile misogynistic language. Because his cognitive dissonance apparently knows no limits, Giuliani offered another pathetic attempt to defend Trump.

“Still, he wasn’t running for president,” Giulini says.

Todd responds perfectly saying:

“Oh, he wasn’t running for president so it’s OK to be a misogynist. He wasn’t running for president so it’s OK to make unwanted sexual advances?”

That’s a good counterpoint to have on hand for the rest of the election. Assuming Trump doesn’t drop out of the race, his campaign is going to desperately try to position him as a reformed sinner, to appeal to moderate Christian right. A critical demographic of consistent voters Trump needs in toss-up states.

At that point, Giuliani tried desperately to pivot to talking about recently leaked portions of transcripts from paid speeches that Hillary Clinton gave. Todd then asks Giulini an excellent question that proves that Giuliani had just bit himself on the ass with that pivot attempt.

“If you believe that Hillary Clinton says one thing in private and that means what she really is, is what she is in private, should we assume what Donald Trump did … is really what Donald Trump is like in private? That’s what you’re implying here with Hillary Clinton.”

The rape culture is strong in New York City’s former Republican mayor.

You can watch the segment below in full.

Featured image from video screenshot