Joe Biden Just Said What Every (Sane) Woman Is Thinking About Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton and most of her surrogates have stayed silent, apparently waiting to pounce on Donald Trump during the debate scheduled for Sunday night. The Vice President, though, couldn’t hold his opinion. He took to Twitter and said exactly what most women are thinking about Donald Trump’s disgusting remarks about “grabbing” women by the “pussy.” Joe Biden called it sexual assault.

Much of the media (and Republicans) is treating the tape, in which Trump is heard talking about groping women and kissing them, without permission, as just more words. It’s Trump as usual, they say, only raw and on steroids. The problem with that, though, is that Trump is describing criminal acts. He’s clearly in the habit of using his power and money to take anything he wants, and women to Trump are just things.

Biden has long been an advocate of women’s rights. He has been a driving force behind helping to end the backlog of unprocessed rape kits.

Biden was also key in the passage of the Violence Against Women Act in the Senate and calls it “the proudest thing I’ve ever done.” His goal is to change the culture in this country.

“When a woman is raped, when a woman is abused, the first thing other women ask is what did you do? Why were you there? What were you wearing?” Biden said. “Folks, all the opportunity and entrepreneurship in the world is good. But ultimately, starting in this country, we have to change the culture. And we’re not going to change that culture until not a single woman who is abused ever asks herself: ‘What did I do?’”

Source: Huffington Post

Trump supporters, of course, are doing the only thing they know how. They are playing a game of “I know you are but what am I” and are turning it around on Biden:

They even posted this completely debunked video:

Of course, Biden isn’t running for president and Trump is. It’s not just women Trump disrespects, it’s everyone. If his white male voters really think Trump is going to do something for them, they are sadly delusional. As for women, well, Trump’s choice of Mike Pence as running mate should be all we need to know. The video was just confirmation that Trump isn’t just a misogynist. He’s a criminal, at east according to his own words.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images